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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week11

Spring Daffodils

Region 16 Block of the Month (or week) 2021

Spring Flowers – Daffodils

Are you confused about the terms, daffodil, narcissus and jonquil? Many years go it took me a while to sort this out, now of course the internet brings the knowledge to our fingertips in seconds. So, I now know that Narcissus is the Latin species name, synonymous with daffodil, but a jonquil (could also be called narcissus or daffodil) is distinguished by being fragrant. You live and learn. Of course, you probably knew that already. Why do I like daffodils? They make a bright splash of colours ranging from a few with white petals, through yellows and oranges, at a time when few other flowers are so bold.  They may ‘flutter and dance’ as William Wordsworth wrote, but often in our windy Spring, they can be flattened. I learned the hard way and now only plant miniature varieties in less sheltered part of my garden.