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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week 8

R16 BOM 21 Elements - Air

Region 16 Block of the Month (or week) 2021

The Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Air is the one element that cannot be seen. The effects of air movement can be seen and so these are what can be expressed visually in a quilt, a drawing or a painting. From my sewing room widow I can see bare trees swaying, gently today. In a gale the whole tree may move and old trees may fall.

Moving air creates the everchanging pattern of clouds often creating an interesting backdrop for sunrises and sunsets. It also brings the variation in day-to-day weather, who hasn’t experienced the wind chill this winter? Strong winds make umbrellas useless.

Moving air creates opportunities for fun with kites, balloons small and large, hang gliders and lots more. It also provides us with energy, harnessed by turbines.

Air at sea helps to build up waves, possibly lapping gently at the shore or possibly tossing around small boats like playthings, and making cruise ship passengers lose interest in their dinner!

Do you like a windy day?