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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week 48

Region 16 Block of the Month (or week) 2021

Christmas Tree

This was reputedly introduced to the British Christmas celebrations of Victorian times by Prince Albert but is an extension of the old idea of bringing evergreens into the home at the Winter Solstice. The 25th December was arbitrarily declared as the date of Christ’s birth as Christians attached their celebration to the Pagan Winter Solstice celebrations. Many of our Christmas traditions have their roots in centuries gone by and their meaning has been lost as time has gone by. Few of us have a fireplace large enough to contain the huge Yule Log which was meant to burn throughout the celebrations, I think few chocolate Yule Logs would last that long!

I love a Christmas tree decorated with plenty of lights (see last week) and baubles. The new LED lights are so much safer than the candles which adorned my parents’ first Christmas tree- just a bit of a fire risk…..

This is my last post of the series of 48 weekly textile pieces which I have made through 2021. Happy Christmas to all those friends and strangers who’ve been following the progress of these A4 art quilts and my ramblings which accompanied them. The small quilts are now safely stored in ring binders while I decide what I will do with them.

In 2022 I will post weekly but there will not be an art quilt to accompany the ramblings, something else visual which may help to lift the sprits on a dull day. Watch this space, but not until Wednesday 5th January!