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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week 34

Region 16 Block of the Month (or week) 2021

Patterns in the Landscape 

Village Street Pattern

The traditional British village grew from a few cottages grouped together in the rural landscape for reasons often not obvious today. It may have been a simple crossroads with an inn, the crossing point of a river, a mill or blacksmith, farmhouses or a very large house and associated estate workers cottages. As villages grew, there was no plan or pattern other than that determined by the shape of the landscape and land ownership priorities. The 19th and 20th Centuries saw expansion of some villages and decline of others as location advantages changed, but the core of the village usually remains untouched with narrow lanes and a fascinating mixture of buildings. I often visit Pennine areas where the traditional village houses are built from local stone, usually looking so mellow.