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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week 22

Region 16 Block of the Month (or week) 2021


Botanic Gardens

The British Isles have many wonderful Botanic Gardens. Some, like Edinburgh’s, began as Physic Gardens, tended by monks in medieval times to produce the herbs and plants needed for healing purposes. Then, adventurous travellers began to bring seeds and plants from climates very different from our own. Botanists collected variants of different species and created suitable environments to allow these non-native species to thrive in our own climate. As building technology advanced huge glasshouses were created to keep tender plants warm, or even hot. The plant hunters of Victorian and Edwardian times gave us a double legacy, firstly, amazing collections of plants to intrigue, educate and admire and secondly, gardens open to the public for leisurely walks. I am fortunate to have enjoyed the colourful displays of azaleas and rhododendrons against a backdrop of unusually shaped trees in a multitude of greens at my local Botanic Gardens.