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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week 2

R 16 BOM 2021 Tree 2 Spring

Block of the month 2021. Trees for 4 weeks. I am using the same trees but reflecting on different seasons. In Spring I am always delighted to see the swathes of purple and yellow crocuses (I know it should be croci but language develops..) sitting below the still bare trees in local parks and wide roadside verges. I'm not sure I like this quilt as much as last week's, but with this size it's not a disaster. Just move on.

You might like to focus on the buds and leaves which gradually appear, signalling warmer weather to come. Don’t feel like doing a small quilt each week? Spend some time researching leaves. Draw some from pictures in books or the Internet. Look at those interesting edges and vein patterns. Have a good week. Deborah