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Region 16 Block of the Month 2021 week 15

Region 16 Block of the Month (or week) 2021


Curves are the lines most often seen in nature. I enjoy walking at the coast where the sea creates an ever- changing pattern of curves, the line of waves lapping the beach or rocks, the line of seaweed and stones of all sizes left by the high tide. The natural coast of Britain, and indeed the rest of the world, has curved bays, large and small, separated by headlands. There are sweeping curves on sand bars and sand spits. Who could not be entranced by the sinuous curves of sea water left on a beach by receding tides. I also love to follow the curves of the landscape, low and gentle or high and dramatic.

What may appear to be straight is often a series of gentle curves or as a mathematician may point out, a curve is really a series of straight lines at minutely differing angles.